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Topology and Distinctive Features

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Picom's unique technology revolutionizes the way content integration and delivery problems are solved, it opens up unlimited windows of opportunity for banks and Insurance companies

This innovative, reliable technology operates on three levels:
  • Data Extraction and Integration. Picom's unique platform automatically extracts and catalogues information from different sources and systems regardless of application and environment: reports, flat files, databases, spreadsheets, you name it. This data is stored into the Picom business repository for quick access.
  • Information Analysis. Business intelligence solutions, visualization tools, alerts, controls and a drill down environment analyze data according to pre-defined requirements. You get the information you need quickly and effortlessly.
  • Delivery. Picom's platform combines both pull and push technologies to deliver information. It organizes and publishes the required information through personalized portal web-presentations in any format (XML, PDF, Excel, Word etc) and at the same time distributes encrypted information segments to end user's e-mail in various formats such as PDF, Excel, etc.. An integration portal solution delivers concise and customized views according to user preferences and information requirements.
Picom intercepts the data from the organization's applications, analyzes, indexes and stores it in a meta-dictionary and creates a content integration layer. Picom creates centralized repository with powerful search and retrieval capabilities to corporate documents, reports, images and information via portal technology. A pre-defined set of business rules, combined with powerful business-oriented technologies, produces an interactive portal presentation layer.

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