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Topology and Distinctive Features

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Topology and distinctive features

The following is a table showing the main features and advantages of Picom:

Data gathering
  • Picom intercepts all business data & processes through a smart parsing mechanism.
  • Picom's parsing technology supports a large variety of output formats, such as ASCII, HTML, XML and many others.
  • Picom provides gateway technology that connects various databases such as ORACLE (Native), MSSQL (Native), DB2 (Native), and any database with ODBC capabilities and others.
  • Picom provides a large variety of format conversions that automatically convert files to other formats such as ASCII to XML, and so on.
  • Picom web parsers can parse any information from any internal/external web site (including secure web sites).
Security and Authorization
  • Picom's front-end server supports SSL.
  • Picom's enhanced User/Group authorization mechanisim enables the organization to easily define user access rights to any information source including reports, reports specific segments, HTML pages databases etc.
  • Picom can restrict specific users to access only from certain network segment or station.
  • Picom provides support to LDAP server.
RDM (Reverse Data Model)
  • Turning other applications outputs and data into a new normalized data mart.
  • Users are provided with an extensible and open business information repository (database).
  • Different collaborative systems and programs can access the RDM.
  • The RDM serves as a database for analytical processes etc.
  • Picom indexes all significant information from all information sources and enables easy and fast navigation, report drilling and information consolidation.
  • Category search capabilities combined with free text search capabilities.
  • Automatic Information sources gathering based on scheduled tasks and triggered actions.
  • Publishing and integrating both online information and archive information.
  • Actions and collaboration tools on top of all the published information - internal links, business rules notification, notes.
Object Repository
  • Picom provides an object-oriented repository that supports and links any multimedia object to any specific information.
  • Picom enables integration of structured information with multimedia objects and documents.
  • Automatic Attachments.
Distribution and Subscription facilities
  • Subscribed users are given the ability to have business information provided regularly to their Email/Fax /SMS - both by scheduled tasks and event driven actions.
  • The information is delivered upon request or at user-defined time intervals.
  • Re-formatting, segmentation and distribution of business information and reports.
Picom XML server and Agents
  • Picom XML server
  • Platform Agents for HP UX, Sun Solaris, AIX, Linux and Microsoft windows.
  • External tasks Agent and API - Oracle reports, business objects, Crystal reports, External portal servers.
Web based user interface
  • A portal based single entry point for all information sources
Customized user profile
  • Personalized & customizable view
  • Interactive administration capability to manage a user profile in the Picom environment.
  • The Presentation layer can be personalized through a portal or via portlets.
Navigation through category items
  • Users can navigate through various entities, such as customers, suppliers, trading partners, employees and executives and perform drill down and drill wide through integrated information.
Business Intelligence (BI) integration using cartridge technology
  • Picom works seamlessly together with BI tools. Picom applies cartridges to the reports and queries, intercepts and scans that information into the RDM, and hyperlinks the BI outputs for immediate access.
Support real time collaboration
  • Picom enables real time collaboration to business applications using open standards, web services and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
Localized language support
  • Picom platform introduces comprehensive support for a global and multi-language approach.

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