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The banking industry has realized the need to utilize technology as tool to respond to the increased global competition and to achieve their bottom line goals.
Banks have the constant need to rapidly respond to market changes, costs efficiently manage the operations and to become customer centric.
Picom recognizes and addresses those challenges. Using advanced state of the art technology, Picom provides content delivery solutions that virtually integrate information from multiple applications and sources to create a consolidated, customer-centric view and enable information to be distributed to the authorized user at the head-office or the branches for decision-making and customer service. Whatever the use, Picom brings data to life and gives progressive bankers the tools to tap information for better business decisions.
Picom's solution integrates with existing systems seamlessly and cost-effectively to maximize information availability and utilization. It doesn't matter what hardware or software environment the bank operates in or how old a corporate legacy system is. Through innovative technology, XML standards and partnerships with leading technology providers, Picom brings the banks a host of capabilities - extraction, archiving, aggregation, query, analysis and web delivery - under one information server. This is a truly non-intrusive and flexible integration solution.

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